Hodr R; Mandys F; Kepertova M
Transcutaneous measurement of the severity of icterus and bilirubinemia in normal neonates
Cesk Pediatr, 1990 Nov, 45:11, 655-8

Using a Minolta/Air Shields apparatus, the authors made 1040 transcutaneous estimations of the intensity of jaundice and examined at the same time the serum bilirubin in 603 normal mature neonates. They revealed a significant (P less than 0.001) correlation between the results of this estimation on the sternum and bilirubinaemia (r = 0.75). Based on the assessment of the 95% confidence limit of prediction of linear regression the authors defined and confirmed by statistical calculations for bilirubinaemia values of 200, 250 and 300 mumol/l four grades of intensity of jaundice. By the suggested procedure omission of early indication of laboratory examination and phototherapy is reduced to a minimum and conversely it is possible to avoid in some neonates collection of blood samples for laboratory examination.