Kenny M; Metzger G; Landicho D; Chow J
Transcutaneous bilirubin monitoring of newborns.
Ann N Y Acad Sci, 1984, 428:, 251-62

Using skin jaundice measurements as an index of infant bilirubin status is subject to a number of uncertainties as described by many investigators. They are illustrated by the experience with a commercial device described here. In view of the widespread need for a quantitative measurement that can replace the visual inspections and subjective evaluations of jaundice being routinely used in clinical settings, such jaundice meters are likely to gain increasing acceptance. We expect future research to include more studies on: (1) reflectance spectra or multiple wavelength measurements for SBI; (2) quality control needed for SBI determinations; (3) the relative significance of physiological factors that influence tissue bilirubin deposits; and (4) the comparative significance of blood versus tissue bilirubin concentrations as true indicators of potential nervous tissue damage.