Amato M; Huppi P; Markus D
Assessment of neonatal jaundice in low birth weight infants comparing transcutaneous, capillary and arterial bilirubin levels.
Eur J Pediatr, 1990 Nov, 150:1, 59-61

Total serum bilirubin level was assessed in a group of jaundiced low birth weight infants using three different methods. Transcutaneous bilirubinometry was compared with conventional capillary and arterial methods to investigate the over-or underestimation of neonatal jaundice. Sampling site did not influence bilirubin levels. Capillary and arterial results showed a linear correlation (r = 0.9) suggesting no influence of environmental light on peripheral bilirubin isomerization. Similar results were obtained comparing both serum levels with transcutaneous values (r = 0.7). We conclude that treatment decisions may be made on the basis of one of the three mentioned methods in healthy low birth weight infants with neonatal jaundice.