Pallas Alonso C; Martin Puerto MJ; Mendoza Soto A; Bustos Lozano G; Flores Anton B; Orbea Gallardo C
Transcutaneous bilirubin measurement in neonates
An Esp Pediatr, 1993 Jan, 38:1, 33-7

A study was performed to determine, in our population, the relationship between transcutaneous, visual and serum bilirubin values. This was done in attempts to reduce the number of serum bilirubin determinations to be performed in the future. We did a correlation coefficient between serum bilirubin and five measurements of transcutaneous bilirubin levels in a group of 60 term newborns and 60 preterm newborns, obtaining a value of 0.84 in both groups. The results were also considered from an analytical point of view where the ability of the test to predict an alteration in serum bilirubin levels, for example > or = 12 mg/dl in preterm and > or = 13 mg/dl in term newborns, was assessed. For values of 18 in preterm and 17 in term infants, the transcutaneous method was found to be both sensitive and specific. If Kramer's test is also evaluated the results improve.