Tan KL
Transcutaneous bilirubinometry in Chinese and Malay neonates
Ann Acad Med Singapore, 1985 Oct, 14:4, 591-4

An evaluation of the Minolta/Airshields transcutaneous bilirubinometer (TcB) was made in 68 Chinese and 57 Malay fullterm infants, 18 Chinese premature infants and 9 infants undergoing phototherapy. A close correlation between the TcB index and bilirubin values was observed at all three sites measured--forehead, sternum and upper back--in both Chinese and Malay infants; though this correlation was not as close in premature infants. A high degree of reproducibility was demonstrated. The correlation was significantly closer in bilirubin values not exceeding 200 umol/l compared with values exceeding 200 umol/l. The TcB is a useful screening device for neonatal jaundice.