Fig.1. BILITEST The external appearance of the device BILITEST is given in Figure 1, on which the device's body, the liquid-crystal display and the movable optic head are shown. The performance of the optic head is illustrated in Figure 2.

When the optic head is gently pressed against the infant's forehead. It switches the device automatically from the standby mode to the measuring mode and initiates a xenon tube flash inside the device.

The light emitted by the xenon tube passes through the optic head gloss, penetrates into subcutaneous tissue and scatters in it. A part of scattered light passes through the other glass of the optic head and through two corresponding interference filters and then reaches two photocells. The optic-electronic scheme analyses reflected light and displays the information on skin bilirubin content, measured in TcBI units.

Fig. 2. Optical scheme BILITEST

Switching the device from the standby mode to the measuring mode as well as measuring process and Indication of the result on the digital display are performed automatically during 2-3 seconds within one measuring cycle after pressing on the front side of the movable optic head.

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