1. Method of measurement - reflectance two-wave ptotometry.
2. Light source - xenon flash tube. Number of flashes - more then 1,000,000.
3. Detector - two photocell system.
4. Measuring range - 1-40 (in unit of TcBI).
5. Unaccuracy - <10%. Imprecision (CV%) - <2%.

a) Metrological characteristics have ben verified by Russian Federation State Commitee for Standartization and Metrology Body on the basis of five Referance Reading Checkers.
b) Control Reading Checker's data should be within the limits specified directly on the spots of Checker's installation within the Carring Case.

6. Correlation between TcBI and laboratory values for serum bilirubin levels - = or >0.92.
7. Readout - two digit LC-display.
8. Measuring cycle time - <4 seconds. Between the measuring cycles the device is in a stand-by mode.
9. Power source - 4 battaries of A316 (or LR6) type.
The Ni-Cad accumulators similar to LR6 battaries are allowed to be used.
10. The number of measuring cycles without replacing the battaries (during battary life) - >30,000
11. Weight (with battaries) - 300 grams.
12. Dimansions Width x Height x Depth - 75 x 165 x 35 mm.
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