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Our firm OOO NPP TECHNOMEDICA situated in Moscow, Russia and was organised in 1990 year by the group of physicists as the result of conversion.
It has the necessary technological facilities and high scientific potential. The scientific staff of TECHNOMEDICA specialised for many years in field of computer and quantum electronics, development of the complex optical and electronic measurement systems.
Last years the research activity TECHNOMEDICA was focused basically on making the series of spectral and photometry analysers for clinical laboratory blood testing. The results of investigations are published on scientific articles, reports and patents of Russian Federation.
The company develops and manufactures measuring equipment for medical institutions (clinical biochemical laboratories, maternity hospitals, medical centres).

The devices have been certified by Russian Ministry of Health Care and Medical Industry and have wide application in clinics. The products of TECHNOMEDICA have been highly assessed by specialists.

OOO NPP Technomedica
P.O. box 1
Moscow 127081
Tel.: +7 (495) 966-08-81
Fax: +7 (499)

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